They say the only people who know true freedom are musicians and gangsters,” Chris Robinson says with a laugh. “And Bob Dylan said to live outside the law you must be honest. We’re living in these anxiety-filled times, in an era of ‘no truth,’ but what our music represents is this truly honest way of communicating with people, and that’s a really freeing thing.”

Freedom, it seems, suits the Chris Robinson Brotherhood well. The band is in the midst of one of their most prolific periods to date, with a slew of studio and live records coming out amidst a rigorous tour schedule that only seems to fuel their fire even further. Their stellar new album, ‘Barefoot In The Head,’ marks the CRB’s third studio release in just two years, and it finds them pushing boundaries and breaking new ground with more joy and wonder than ever before. Overspilling with stunning musicianship and infectious energy, the album showcases the continued growth of Robinson’s songwriting partnership with his bandmates (guitarist Neal Casal, drummer Tony Leone, keyboardist Adam MacDougall, and bassist Jeff Hill) and revels in the kind of adventurousness that can only come from five artists tuned into the same sonic wavelength.

‘Barefoot In The Head’ follows last year’s critically acclaimed LP, ‘Any Way You Love, We Know How You Feel,’ and its companion EP, ‘If You Lived Here, You Would Be Home By Now.” Rolling Stone called the former “good-time music on an end-times mission” while MOJO hailed the band as “masterful players on a Grail-like search for the cosmic heart of California.” Relix Magazine praised their “psychedelic soul music,” and Uncut Magazine described the full-length as “their best, their liveliest, and certainly their most Brotherly.” The CRB took both records on the road with passion and fervor, slaying festival crowds from LOCKN’ to High Sierra and packing dance floors from The Fillmore in San Francisco to The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.

„Ihr letztes Studioalbum ist „Barefoot in the Head“ betitelt. Barfuß im Kopf? Robinson sagt selbst dazu: ,,Die Musik, die wir machen, die Konzerte, die wir spielen – das ist die Welt, die wir für uns und unsere Leute kreiert haben. Jeder soll verstehen, dass man immer barfuß im Kopf sein kann. Ohne die Belastung von Verantwortung oder Nostalgie sind wir in der glücklichen Lage, ehrlich und spontan zu sein. Das ist Freiheit.” (Zitat Rockpalast Homepage) Und was könnte besser auf das Burg Herzberg Festival passen als eine Band, die genau diesen Traum von Freiheit lebt.