Four international songwriters join together to create a powerful and intimate show filled with harmony, honesty and storytelling. Album out now!

“One of the most impressive aspects of the band’s work is their masterful harmonies. [They] flawlessly execute a Fleet Foxes-esque harmonic exploration with unique instrumentation alongside gorgeous and raw lyrics describing intimate emotions.” (The Gauntlet) “The closest you’ll get to seeing Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young” (Ben Wysocki, The Fray) “This is the sound of four songwriters who understand that there’s strength in numbers. Monsters of Folk disappeared after one record, Let’s hope that Folk Road Show doesn’t do the same. Whether you’re talking the after-the-gold-rush majesty of “Sweet Redemption” or the driving, harmony-laced “Fernando Pessoa”, [the four] are well on their way to earning the title supergroup” (‘The Georgia Straight‘) “[Drummer] Nick [Petrowich] takes their sound to a whole new level, every song felt like an anthem of folk music. From Dominique Fricot’s unmistakable voice that I could listen to on repeat for a lifetime, (…) Olaf Caarls’ sweet harmonies and Benjamin James Caldwell’s multi-instrument showcases, each song built at just the right time and kept the audience hungry for more.” ( “The prettiest sound four men have ever made.”