Love and Oneness, RASTAFARI! „Groundation“ are come! Give thanks and praise for soul feeding sounds and uplifting vibes with these blessed musicians from Northern California. There can’t be a better way than celebrating JAH words. What a joy Herzberg Festival to promote the movement of JAH people with mind blowing horns and earth shaking bass lines. Funky roots music all the way at the nicest festival-location possible with one nation under the grove. So give thank fi this inspiring concert, bless up all musicians, selectas, operators, artists and supporters. Live the life you love and love the life you live! Wake the countryside and enjoy life in a Groundation-style. (In der Sprache der Rastafari bezeichnet ‚Groundation‘ aka ‚Grounation’ den Umgang der Menschen untereinander ohne Hierarchien, Rassen- und Klassenunterschiede… Grounation Day ist der 21. April, ein Feiertag auf Jamaika.)